thread: 2008-02-19 : Willing, provoked, inspired

On 2008-02-21, NinJ wrote:

Jonathan, I think you're ignoring the way reward mechanics work. I mean, "+2XP" assumes that the reward is *leveling*. That's unlikely to be interesting. So, let's say you want a happy-type death spiral: Let's say that it costs you to introduce an element so it's cheaper to use pre-existing elements. And let's say every time an element is incorporated, it loses a die, starting at 5, but declining to a cap of one. That means that you want to use the stuff people have spent on. So elements will either be neglected (in which case, they're worth brownie points to use anytime), they're used up (in which case, they're firmly in everyone's mind) and get used all the time anyway, or they're shiny new ideas that someone just threw down on the table and people have an opportunity to flesh out with each other. I'm thinking that an elements starts worth, say, 5, and reduces to 1. Once it's lost its last die, it joins the pool of well-established facts and any number of them are collectively worth one die. If the system doesn't encourage enough use of other peoples' stuff, that probably means that you need to incorporate more stuff to get things done properly. So, if you need, like, 7 dice to get something done, you can use your own just-introduced idea and an old idea of your own. If you need 15 dice to do it, you'll be looking around for other elements to reincorporate. (These numbers are obviously totally arbitrary since they're ... holy shit. I have to start designing *right now*.)


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