thread: 2008-01-09 : There's a Chinese restaurant in my head

On 2008-01-09, Ben Lehman wrote:

Seems like it's just sauce with tea in it. That's not a recipe, that's just permission.

I'm thinking about something:

The cheapest non-bagged oolong or puerh tea you can get. Make it as you would normally, so with water that's hot enough that you don't want to touch it but it won't burn you if you do, maybe 1/4 cup of leaves and a cup water.

Matchstick some ginger and chop some garlic. Get some oil very hot, cook them in it. Maybe add some carrots or bok choy?

Toss in a little soy sauce and maybe shaoxing cooking wine?

Add in chicken broth plus the tea, bring it to temperature.

I guess if you had meat in this you'd want to put it in with the vegetables.



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