thread: 2008-01-09 : There's a Chinese restaurant in my head

On 2008-01-09, Julia wrote:

I'm a puerh addict.

Puerh is quite heavy. It's smoky, but not smoky in the way Lapsang Souchong is. It's my go to tea for making kombucha and life in general. It's also got more caffeine than the average tea. The more aged it is, the better. For the past year I've been on an eBay hunt for some puerh that's 15 years or older, but it always gets too expensive for me. My next course of action is to ask Chris' cousin, who lives in China most of the time, to send me some.

Tran's has a decent puerh for $3.29 a box. Acadia herbals has some (possibly organic) for $2.00 an ounce. I think it's aged 2 years. These are the ones I keep in the house. I'm down to my last bit now. I will probably pick some up tomorrow, so let me know if you want me to pick up an extra bit for you.

Next time you're at the dream restaurant, see if they have any bee larvae!


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