thread: 2009-02-11 : Weep, O Children of Every Sun

On 2009-02-14, Joshua A.C. Newman wrote:

I got super lucky a couple of times ??? Rob's Juggernaut took out four of my nuns while I took out his defense and one of his two attacks, but then, those nuns are all about piling on the dice.

One thing you don't mention, Vincent: when the fight got too stiff over the sarcophagus, I decided to live to fight another day and I got the fuck out of Dodge, leaving you guys to fight over it. Rob couldn't let you have it, and you couldn't let go without getting pincered. So I booked it.

It wasn't without cost. You'll note the pile of corpses whose femurs will be made into daggers, bones slipping silently into the throats of the forces of the self-absorbed Duarch and splattering the ground with the blue ichor of the born-suffering of Kalik.

Soren, those trees aren't from you, or at least most of them aren't. The base plates and stuff are, though. The trees are the best $3 I've ever spent on Ebay. The baseplates made it easy to play on the floor and gave us a good way to define the edges of the table, which would have been important if any of us had had to run.

Darrin, the greenery was only that big because it happened to be all the green I'd brought. Source (the planet this battle was on) is mostly a lush, gorgeous jungle, filled with wondrous plants and animals, including the flower from which Smoke is derived. This, though, is part of the Imperial facility that processes the stuff. You'll note that the jungle creeps in faster than it can be mowed.


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