thread: 2009-04-22 : Wait, pride isn't listed as a sin...

On 2009-04-24, Graham wrote:

It's because the first thing you say is "Right, this guy killed your captain. He's in front of you on the deck. What do you do?". And they can't help but respond.

And then, when they say lame things like "I hit him", you just say "OK, you hit him, he's down on the floor. What else?".

And eventually one of them gets it and goes "I slit him from the base of his stomach up to his throat and throw him overboard". Which is fantastic. And then they all vote for the captaincy, which gets everyone talking.

This happened to me, by the way, at an "unconference" given by a national newspaper. Me, Simon and Steve were representing indie games and I ran a session of Poison'd for journalists. And they got into it instantly.

Also, they're all pirates, so they instantly know what they're meant to be doing. As opposed to, say, Mormon gunslingers, where they don't instantly know.

Jonathan is right, though, that it's difficult to figure out how to play. I do wish you'd revise the text, Vincent, because it's such a good game, but the text doesn't show it off.



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