thread: 2009-05-12 : Right to Dream: at least take away THIS

On 2009-05-12, Josh W wrote:

I'd say that right to dream can partially determine how that nitty gritty works, but it is not the same thing, like how where you want to go will effect how you drive. That how/why distinction is something I've been trying to stress since post 38 here.

If you look at the 3 seperate lines above ???etc???, that's me trying to summarise GNS in terms of sim's value to it (refering to the "technical agenda").

What would I change after our discussion? Probably change the middle one into:

I want to build a specific narrative/style, and I want the rules to help me plot out it's internal logic/cause structure, and safeguard the events I want.

So that's my summary of the value of sim to right to dream, today at least! I would say now that all of them may have varying levels of escapism, and that right to dream can be conceived in a way that is not just about avoiding reality. So yep, success there. Also, I'd really like it if people with their own theories on why x is awesome and not GNS put up some reports on the forge; Marco, Valamir, if you guys feel the definitions are missing good stuff, please post some examples so I can look at it, even if it get's incorporated into a new version of the core 3, then hey, we've added depth to the definitions, and if not, you can be smug you isolated it first! Plus we'll likely get some extra ideas anyway.

Finally, Vincent I think the way you construct sim follows one of the Aikido principles; give 'em what they want, until they don't want it any more! Pull them faster and stronger down the way they are going than they were ready to go, until...


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