thread: 2011-09-21 : Registration for Burning Apocalypse is live

On 2011-09-30, Vincent wrote:

What I like to do with AW at cons is play an abbreviated normal first session in the first half of the slot, then break for 10 minutes, then play an abbreviated second session in the second half of the slot. Including end-of-session and beginning-of-session stuff for sure.

Before you play, choose which playbooks you'll put on the table. My choice is hardholder - and insist that someone play it - plus brainer chopper gunlugger savvyhead and skinner, plus whichever LE playbooks seem fun that morning. You'll have to figure out your own favorite selection, but I do recommend only one of hardholder, hocus and operator, and insist that someone play it.

I'd probably specify the number of players you want, just in your game's description.

I wouldn't feel cheated at all!


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