thread: 2012-03-13 : Indie POV pt 2: Does It Pay?

On 2012-03-13, Vincent wrote:

Simon: Look out! I'm fighty about this.

You said: "Look at it this way, a typical freelancer could match this word count [666,667 words] in a year, then have six years to spare, to do more work-for-hire freelancing."

I wrote Dogs in the Vineyard in a year too, and had 6 years to spare too, to do more creator publishing.

I have to take exception to this X-factor astronaut talk. Look who you're comparing me with. Is a freelancer who has the discipline to write and the good fortune to get paid 6¢ per word for 700,000 words in one year really more typical for freelancers than I am for creator-publishers?


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