thread: 2012-03-13 : Indie POV pt 2: Does It Pay?

On 2012-03-14, 'Crocker' wrote:

So this is me apologizing for not making myself clear enough.

I just wanted to know how part-time self-publishers account for their sunk time. My assumption was that freelancers were doing this as a matter of course to evaluate which projects it made sense to take on or not, and never that they weren't doing it! So again, sorry I wasnt clearer.

The previous post that talked about trying to figure out what the hourly return broke out to was what I meant. As a guy who has to spend a lot of time running numbers and balancing labor costs, how other people make these calls for different business models is really interesting to me.

Mostly, because some of the terms being tossed around, most particularly 'profit' mean something very specific to me (because it means something very specific to my sharehders and the IRS) I'm just trying to figure out if we're talking about the same thing.

I guess the other thing I wonder about is the extent to which being a self-publisher is a whole series of jobs: art buyer, graphic designer, print buyer, online retailer and relentless self-promoter may just be viewed by some folks not cut iut for it asextra work they just don't want to (or feel competent to) do?

So, yeah, not trying to start a fight, just trying to understand the process!


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