thread: 2012-07-16 : Audience Participation Murderous Ghosts

On 2012-07-20, Vincent wrote:

Oh, no. Games where the PC manages to escape are always longer than games where the PC doesn't.

Have you played the game? It ends when the PC dies or escapes. To escape, the PC has to not die at least 3, more often 4 or 5, occasionally 6 or even 7 times. It's just like playing a level of I dunno Super Mario Bros or whatever. If the first Goomba kills you, you've automatically played for a shorter time than if you make it to the end and finish the level.

In the first game, the PC died at the second opportunity, so the game was almost as short as it can be. In the second game, the PC managed to escape, so the game was about as long as it can be.


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