thread: 2012-07-16 : Audience Participation Murderous Ghosts

On 2012-07-25, Ed Croft wrote:

This is fantastic!
I'm a comedian professionally, but I'm a game-designer as a hobby (a pretty serious hobby, mind) and I've been considering ways to dual merge my loves of Roleplaying and Public speaking. Thinking roughly of taking a show to the Edinburgh Fringe festival next year...

That's a wonderful model, Vincent - nice and simple and strait-forward. Having two people run it makes a lot of sense - giving the audience a Player to lead them and empathize with, and a GM to create opposition.

Can anybody recommend anything else that's been done in this vein? I'm looking into Parsley games now...



This makes AD go "Microscope?"
Sort of a different thing, but I've always wanted to try a slimmed-down Microscope with a large group of people.

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