thread: 2012-12-07 : Positioning: Legitimacy and Occult Co-ownership

On 2012-12-07, rabalias wrote:

So, just to be clear, in the case of inventing your mother and your sufficient closeness to her that you can use Angel Wings, Meg could have blocked you, right? I mean, your last sentence implies that she has final authority. So the reason you couldn't invent the visit to Sebastienne's dining room in example 2 is that you'd already established that you didn't visit it on a previous occasion; the fact that you didn't challenge that by attempting to invent an even earlier occasion is another contextual cue to the fact that Meg has the final authority in this game, 'cause when she says "so no, you can't go there" she's effectively saying "I am declaring that there is no other, earlier occasion that you are entitled to invent", and you don't challenge that.

If this had been some other game, maybe you would have replied "hold on a second, though - I think I'd like Sebastienne to be an old friend of mine and I've been to her dining room lots of times", per the second example in your comment #1.

Just checking I'm following ok.


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