thread: 2012-12-07 : Positioning: Legitimacy and Occult Co-ownership

On 2012-12-07, rabalias wrote:

Sorry for the cross-post.

You said "[B]ut I don't get to - don't even try to - invent and insert a visit to this particular place". I think that "I don't get to" was what made me think Meg had "final authority".

So no. In THIS game too, maybe I would have replied "hold on a second, though." I didn't, not because Meg has "final authority," whatever that means, but because in this case I agree with her that my character's never been there.

Hmmm. I guess what I meant by "final authority" was that she's the GM/MC/whatever in this example and therefore in principle you'll agree with Meg more than you would some other player. This is what I thought you meant by "the game's system... backs her strongly against me".

I'm not sure whether by the above italicised text you're saying that no, Meg has no special position in that example, it just so happens you agree with her, and that's what makes the two examples different; or that she does have a special position in the example but in principle you could disagree with her because nobody's authority is final.


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