thread: 2012-12-07 : Positioning: Legitimacy and Occult Co-ownership

On 2012-12-07, Vincent wrote:

I could try to invent one and see if the group goes for it, sure. That's what I did with my character's mother. I'm not optimistic, though. "I have a mother" is something that fictional positioning is on my side of. "I snuck out while the GM wasn't looking and presciently reconned just the place I'd later want to go, surprise!" is a stretch at best.


This makes GcL go "On the other hand"
If you'd stayed at Msr. DuLane's for a full week, staying in a bedroom just off the hall that leads to the dining room - either Meg wouldn't have challenged, or you'd be able to re-remind her of the situation. (BTW, Msr.? Not a typo. Positioning, right?)

This makes VB go "Right on."

This makes Llb go "I was going"
To make the same point, except about the possibility that Vincent's character is a fungus.

This makes RQ go "Ok, gotcha. Thanks."

This makes GP go "What about a twist?"
"Yeah, Sebastienne and I were lovers." Now, you've got a twist! Either the other players thinks it's a cool twist and go with it, or they think it's lame and far fetched and you lose nothing. It's more likely to pass, cause it's interesting and not consequence-free (now Sebastienne has good reasons to be pissed at you like an ex would.)

This makes GcL go "Maybe the design will help indicate ..."
... if a twist like that is appropriate at that time. Some games yes, some games no, some games unclear. If unclear, hopefully there's some guidance on how to figure it out.

This makes GP go "But my point is..." has not much to do with it. It's just good strategy. It's not how the game works, but how it's played. If I can find a fictional circumstance that allows me to do what I'd like to without breaking any rule AND make the other players go "hey, cool, go for it!" and not block me, no need for formal rules. That's just the looly-pooly in action.

This makes GcL go "hmm, that point ..."
... I may disagree. I don't see your twist fitting in what I'd expect for Angel Wings, and you've provided no pre-existing fictional content to back it. So, more likely (JUST more likely, not certain) to be problematic. That twist with a move that said (crazy invention) "Make a sexuality-based connection" - and we all know your character is weak for frenchfolk - OK, less likely to be problematic. Design has much (NOT all) to do with it.

This makes GP go "I do it whichever RPG I play"
So *really* not sure it's a matter of design. Some design support it, sure, but you can do it whenever a game take the fiction into account ? ie in every RPG.

This makes GcL go ""Can do it" vs. "are encouraged/supported in doing it well""
Is where I'd see design crop in. With "well" a non-empirical question (as commented), and interpersonal issues of skill, familiarity, and etc. also important. But that's me - Vincent, I'm sure, has more to say about his take in upcoming post(s).

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