thread: 2012-12-07 : Positioning: Legitimacy and Occult Co-ownership

On 2012-12-08, rabalias wrote:

So, conclusion (for me and my slow brain): plausibility/credibility* is an important part of positioning. Which, given the LP, is shorthand for saying "what the group finds plausible/credible is an important part of positioning" - but in the case of your example it not-coincidentally happens to be something that most people would agree on.

*I started out with just plausibility, but then I realised there wasn't anything inherently implausible about your having been to Sebastienne's dining room before. The context, that you would have only just mentioned it at a time when it would be useful to you, makes your claim not credible. Or maybe it just makes you not credible.


This makes GcL go "Vincent seems to be using "legitimacy""
Which I do like as for me it more clearly includes the humans. I'd add that different elements might have different "weights" in the legitimacy determination, but Vincent may well have plans for that issue already.

This makes RQ go "Right, of course."
The whole post makes a lot more sense to me now.

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