thread: 2012-12-07 : Positioning: Legitimacy and Occult Co-ownership

On 2012-12-13, Ben Lehman wrote:

GB Steve: There's no such thing as final say resting with one person, though. That's what we're discussing here.

Even if I am purported to have final say over my character Bennar, if you hate what I just did you are free to ask me to revise it or simply deny it flat out. This may break the game's written rules but if you're willing to take it to a social level that doesn't matter.


This makes IJC go "There's no such thing as final say"
All fictional statements are open to revision at any time.

This makes BL go "True!"

This makes TMC go "I finally get it."
Thanks, Ben. Your remark really helped me understand this whole thread a lot better!

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