thread: 2012-12-07 : Positioning: Legitimacy and Occult Co-ownership

On 2012-12-17, Paul T. wrote:


Will you talk more about "final authority" and how the concept is responsible for some of the worst roleplaying games every invented?

It seems like we're skirting the topic, but there's a lot of room to misinterpret what you're saying.

What do you mean by "final authority", and how does it lead to Bad Things?


This makes ET go "Yes, I'm curious what Vx's response is"

This makes VB go "Maybe I'll get into it later..."
...But probably not. It was just a fad for a while to "resolve conflicts" by rolling dice to see which player would get "final say." Most of the games that worked this way never got much traction, for good reason, and aren't much remembered.

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