thread: 2013-08-30 : The Object of the Game vs Your Character's Goals

On 2013-08-30, Gordon wrote:

Quick check - looks like, for purposes of this post, "your job as a player" = designed object of the game?

I think the insight about establishing, distinguishing and defining the relationship between character goals and the object of the game is excellently stated here.  I'm concerned that expecting "your job as a player" (player goal?) to simply match up with the designed object of the game is, in many cases - though by no means all - problematic in RPGs. I mean, in a "that's a built-in issue - often a feature, not a bug" way, not cause "gamrz r da stupidz" or anything.

That said, what I'm most wondering about right now is play of a particular game that ranges across multiples of a-f (and others), at different times, play situations and etc.  Seems like that's gonna be more difficult to design for, but I guess - not really a problem?  Or am I missing something about the point?

Two notes: 1) My paragraph 2 concern may have a GNS connection, but the paragraph 3 a-f multiples thing totally doesn't, and 2) it may be obvious, but since I just noticed I had to remind myself of it - choosing align with/ignore/etc. character goals is simply one aspect of establishing the object of the game, not like the whole trick to it or anything.


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