thread: 2013-08-30 : The Object of the Game vs Your Character's Goals

On 2013-08-31, Rickard wrote:

A roleplaying game doesn't have to be about a character, but about a story with characters. If we had a pool of characters to play, each one could have different goals - but as players, we can have a totally different goal.

Many people mixes up character and player goal, because it's a traditional standard that they are the same. A character doesn't even have to have a goal, but the player do.

I will claim from this statement that the game should teach the players that goal. I would also prefer if the game was clear about it, so the whole group are at the same page. We all know the goal of the game in Monopoly.


We don't know however why each single person wants from playing a boardgame. Is it because they want to compete? Because they want to hang out? Because they want to learn a new game? But that's a totally different story.


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