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On 2014-03-24, Vincent wrote:

I always start with the stat names. Cool, Hard, Hot, Sharp, and Weird was how I began Apocalypse World's design. For me, the stats create the space for the basic moves.

This iteration of AW:Dark Age uses a new set of stats after all. They aren't even adjectives, they're nouns: Cunning, Grace, Prowess, Rites, and War.

The basic moves are to draw someone out (Cunning), to advance under cover (Cunning), to offer counsel (Grace), to confront an obstacle (Prowess), to resort to the sword (Prowess), to supplicate your gods (Rites), to lead an attack (War), and to survey the battlefield (War).


This makes Joao go "sweet!"
I am eager to try it. 1st impression very good overall. only thing I regret lossing is going into battle (sounds better than resort to sword, specially when you just have a bow.

This makes JMW go "wow, big change!"

This makes Joao go "some Stat Names Ideas:"
Those seem more balanced to me: Bearing, Cunning, Faith (or Belief), Prowess, Warfare.

This makes AT go "Huh..."
Well, I'll tell you what I think when I see the rules. I might like the basic moves, but the stats don't match each other very well. 3 things you have, 2 things you do.

This makes JMW go ""prowessary?""

This makes VB go "I'm not looking for suggestions!"
These are they.

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