thread: 2014-03-24 : Ask a Frequent Question...

On 2014-03-25, Vincent wrote:

Silby: I don't know yet!

Erik: Rites and war are still things you can have - enact your rites, wage your war - but I think it's about timeframe. Is that what you mean?

"Rites" and "war" both suggest that it takes time to do it. Compare Joao's "faith," which suggests that it's constant and internal, and "warfare," which suggests that it's abstract.

Nerdwerds: Probably. I'm shooting for the 31st.

Gerbo: Possibly. If we do, it'll be swearing loyalty to someone. In the first draft, oaths made it redundant, but they're out, so maybe I'll bring it back in.


This makes Joao go "interesting"

This makes SD go "Swearing fealty special moves! lovely!"

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