thread: 2014-03-24 : Ask a Frequent Question...

On 2014-03-26, plausiblefabulist wrote:

Are we asking any questions, or just about AW:DA?

I'm curious about the distribution model for your games, and, in particular, whether you've thought at all about using more standard book distribution. I mean, unlike some game that has a boxed set with complicated dice or tiles, something like Apocalypse World is, as an artifact, just a book—- so it's sort of surprising not to be able to find it, with an ISBN, on Amazon, say, via "people who liked this also liked that", and so on. Or in a bookstore, or to be able to grab it onto my Kindle in the Kindle store over wifi while sitting on the couch (i.e. without booting up a computer with a browse and going to some special site to get a PDF).

Instead, all these indie games are in their own special distribution channels, not with the rest of the world's books.

Is there a specific reason for having decided to do it that way? Is it practical— better control over formatting, price points, customer contact, shipping? Or is it ideological—indie games truly being indie rather than part of AMZN's vertical monopoly of everything?


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