thread: 2014-03-24 : Ask a Frequent Question...

On 2014-03-26, Vincent wrote:

Chris M: But salmon is so delicious pan-roasted with just salt and pepper!

Josh W: It's hard to remember how hard it was just to justify our own existence back in 2006. I had to draw that line or else every conversation would have been "oh yeah, Vincent? Justify your existence."

These days we have it so, so easy. I don't have to - nor would I choose to - draw any such lines now.

ndp: Huh, I don't know. What battles are left that we haven't won?

I'll think about it!


This makes JMW go "that's a shame, quite liked the stridence"
"quality motherfuckers" is always something that warms my heart, when it's committed to and then applied gently!

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