thread: 2014-03-24 : Ask a Frequent Question...

On 2014-03-29, Vincent wrote:

Fealoro: Maybe, but I don't guess so. I've always given in-process documents too early to my first-look audience. I think what's changed is just how large my first-look audience is.

Exit: Decades of bumbling, plus having the coolest friends in the history of coolness. I happen to be surrounded by smart people, in real life and online, who're as excited about this stuff as I am.

ndp: Oh, put it that way, yes, there's definitely lots still to be gained by targeting orthodoxies. It might be fun to list our own highest-priority targets and compare, identify our common enemies.

Let me tell you my goal in life, as an RPG creator. You know the thing where last year's revolution becomes this year's convention and next year's orthodoxy? My goal in life is to stay at the front of that wave for as many years running as I can manage.

One day, I'll look at the present and say "there have been no worthwhile developments since the past. Let's go back." On that day, I'll have retired, whether I admit it or not, and it'll be time for the kids to take over.


This makes ndp go "+1!"

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