thread: 2014-03-24 : Ask a Frequent Question...

On 2014-03-30, Moreno R. wrote:

Let me tell you my goal in life, as an RPG creator. You know the thing where last year's revolution becomes this year's convention and next year's orthodoxy? My goal in life is to stay at the front of that wave for as many years running as I can manage.

But a wave expand in a lot of directions. Do you think you have a precise direction common in your rpg design, or every game has his own direction?

And talking about revolutions: among your own games, what was the most "revolutionary" compared to the ones you has done before?(the biggest jump, if you prefer). And among all the games you played, not only yours?

Last question: after all these years, what do you thing is Ars Magica's legacy on rpg design? What it did show it worked, and what didn't? (I am talking about the first two editions, not considering all the changes in the following ones)


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