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On 2014-04-08, nerdwerds wrote:

I can't believe I didn't think of asking this before since I once looked through the forums for the answer and didn't find it:

Is there an explicit reason that the Harm move in AW is designed for the player to roll low, rather than high?

Was this to make Harm inherently discordant and unnatural to the regular flow of the game?

Or was it because "roll-Harm suffered" looks a bit odd compared to "roll+Harm suffered"?


This makes AD go "Just from my point of view, the roll low is "safer""
For example, +1 and roll low, the most likely result is 8 (followed by 7 and 9); a middle result. -1 and roll high, most likely result is 6 (and then five and seven), a fail.

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