thread: 2014-07-21 : Reminder: Object Schmobject

On 2014-07-22, Stink Horse wrote:

So I think I need some clarification.
An Object is a thing (any thing really) that exists within the bounds of the perceivable universe.

An Objective is a goal. It could mark the end of a game or event, or it could be an on going imperative, which may or may not be attainable. It can contrast and conflict with other objectives held by the GM/Player/Player's Character, and different objectives can have different weights and value at different times within the same game space/session depending on what the nature of the game is at any given moment.

I think at least one of my definitions isn't in line with yours, and I would like to know where I'm failing to line up.


This makes BL go "Might be worth pulling out a dictionary"
Vincent's using the "the end toward which effort or action is directed" definition.

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