thread: 2005-08-05 : Going Home

On 2005-08-05, Vincent wrote:

Part 1:

I was walking Northampton with Emily last night. I told her something Ron'd said to me once: "Vincent," said he, "you make games about the morality of people you think are immoral."

I was like, shit, look at that, so I do.

Part 2:

When you're a parent, I think, you want to promise your kids the world. When you're a parent and you think you speak for God, you do promise your kids the world - you promise them who even knows what. Salvation, redemption, peace, joy, glory.

It's not that I don't believe in God - I mean, not just that I don't - it's that I don't have faith in God. Too many promises made in His name, and did they think I'd keep faith, if He didn't?

Part 3:

Aw, don't mind me. I'm a little down.


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