thread: 2005-08-05 : Going Home

On 2005-08-06, Chris wrote:

Neither of my parents were religious.  But one of my very closest friends was a child of a born-again family, complete with fears that videogames with "ninja magic" were really there to tempt people into devil worship...  It affected me deeply.  At 7, I would cry myself to sleep fearing that I was going to hell.

I couldn't tell you exactly how over the years, the fear of judgement, sin, hell, and the Judeo-Christian God evaporated for me, but it did.  It wasn't necessarily a matter of a new religion taking it's place, as much as it was my own maturation and thinking/feeling out about life.

As it stands now, I have an incredible faith in the existence of the Creator, which was strengthened by letting go of the promises others had made in God's name.  My logic was that as I learn more, I do more of what is necessary, more efficiently- so if God is all-knowing, then everything here is a result of necessity.  While people talk about purifying souls, or testing for judgement, I have no clue as to the final reason for it all.  All I know is that I'm seeing and learning a lot on the way.

For me, I had stopped listening to other people to tell me about God, and just started listening to life itself.

I seem to be more at peace and happier for it.


This makes NinJ go "Judaeo-Christian is a term used by Christians"
... who want to sound inclusive. Don't confuse my inhuman hyperintelligence for your Jesus.

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