thread: 2005-08-05 : Going Home

On 2005-08-06, Matthijs Holter wrote:

James said: "Hunh? Wha? That's not God, dude. That's your asshole dad."

Yes. Whether or not God exists, it's the relationships that matter.

First, a person's relationships to other people - religiuos parents can be lying and judgmental, or liberal and giving, or anything, really. That's people. They're always and ultimately responsible for their own behavior.

Second, relationship to God. I've found that even though my belief in God is shaky, sometimes there, sometimes not, whenever I talk to him, things get better for me.

Does it matter, then, if he's really there? Not to me, really; what matters is how I relate to him. If I use him as an excuse to tell others what to do, to do stupid stuff, to goof off etc, that's wrong anyway. If I use him as an aid to think straight and do the right thing, that works.


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