thread: 2005-08-05 : Going Home

On 2005-08-06, T. wrote:

You ever see a daisy?
Ever looked? The little wonderful yellow flower.

But its not yellow.


We see yellow, because yellow is the color the daisy doesn't absorb, but reflect, deters, refuses to accept.

God isn't like the daisy.

In my view, he's invisible because he accepts all of creation equally.

We do not see it, because even lethal virii are loved by God.

We are one of God's beloved things.

But we are not his only one.

We do not see him, because he does not reject us.

I humbly suggest a book, a sad little tail which the daisy idea originally, for me, at least, came from: "Mr. God This is Anna"

It explains among other things how God can see everything, from every points to view.

God is ineffable for a reason—we are barest of imaginers, he the grandest of all, we can leap far, deep, and intensly creating whole worlds in our head, we mirror God in this, yet he can even give name to the smallest atom, loving it, knowing it, as we do our fictions.


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