thread: 2005-08-05 : Going Home

On 2005-08-06, KingstonC wrote:

I come to this from a very different direction. My parents were nice liberal lutherans. And so was I, untill I realised that nobody there had faith. That was cool, because faith is crazy.

Faith is going out in the wilderness to murder your only son just because god says so. Not because god can somehow make mudering your son moral; he can't do that, any more than god can make 2+2=5; but because doing what god says is more important than being moral. As I said, faith is crazy.(And if I misunderstand, then what the heck is the story of Abraham and Issac supposed to mean, anyway?)

So, it just seems to me that the world of religon is devided between people with faith, who would kill their childern on the word of some invisible bastard who tells people to kill their children; or people who lie to themselves about what faith really is. Thankfully, I was raised by people who lied to themselves about the true nature of faith. Which is cool, It's much better than the crap Vincent and the rest of you in the first category have delt with, but it seems like a waste of Sunday mornings to me.


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