thread: 2005-08-05 : Going Home

On 2005-08-08, Clinton R. Nixon wrote:

Man, we should so wait for Vincent. His weblog, and in this case, something very personal to him.

Ah, crap.

I'm going to paraphrase something I said on my own weblog long ago about me and God.

I know longer worry about whether God exists. In a logical world, it's almost impossible to imagine that invisible all-powerful dudes exist, and in my heart, I only feel want for a God, not a real one.

But I know God's real. Wars have been fought over God. Nations have been transformed because of belief in God. Individual lives have been changed for good and ill because of belief in God. The idea of God affects change, and it will.

I believe in the idea of God. The idea of God is one of the most powerful forces in the world.

What I don't know is what to do about it.


This makes NInJ go "Dud"

This makes NInJ go "Ha ha! Dud! No, I mean, "It dud'n matter if people act on a belief"."
People could believe in anything. Humans fight over water, land, and breeding rights. God is usually a rationalization, I think.

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