thread: 2005-08-05 : Going Home

On 2005-08-08, Sven wrote:

Very interesting all this. I imagine most of the people writing here to be from US (I counted one Norwegian, though). When reading it strikes me that these things are so complicated over there!

Of my closest fifteen friends only two are non-atheists, these two exceptions being my girlfriend (who is moslem both by upbringing and faith) and my oldest friend still around (who is a babtist).

Most of the atheist crowd are members of the former state church, though (it ceased to be official state church only four, five years ago). I think the state church is the biggest reason for the very low religiosity here. It's not very engaging, to say the least.

To me religion is totally a non-matter. I don't even understand what question it would answer. There is nothing at all in the former state church that I would want in my life. When talking to people who are engaged in one of the free churches I can often miss that kind of social interaction; belonging to a group with a good spread both over age and geography. But since I'm really not into the basis for their community it's not a possibility.

Sven of Sweden


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