thread: 2005-08-05 : Going Home

On 2005-08-08, Vincent wrote:

The conversation I wanted to have here, I had already. I was like "man, the wanting to go back, shit man," and Matt was like, "yeah," and Clinton was like, "yeah," and Gordon was like, "yeah," and I was like, "yeah." And then Kevin was like, "yeah." That's what I wanted, I'm comfy.

...So what's this new conversation about, maybe I can join in. Many of you don't know (but won't be surprised to learn) that I was actually an accomplished little Mormon theologian in my youth. Like, I had an informed opinion about Abraham and Isaac, for instance. It went like this: Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac prefigured God's sacrifice of his son Jesus. God gave Abraham the mercy and forbearance that He couldn't give Himself; the sacrifices that we make for God are less than the sacrifice that God made for us. God is the protagonist of the story, not Abraham. The significant moral decision isn't Abraham's to obey - obeying God is a given, not a decision - but God's to relent.


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