thread: 2005-04-21 : Planned Endings

On 2005-04-21, Judd wrote:

Closure has become a big deal to me and the groups I play with.  In my last campaign, The Riddle of Blood we looked at the pacing of the game like a TV series and it really helped everyone visualize the shape of the story.  It was quite obvious to everyone involved where the first season ended and where the second season began.

The second season ended with closure but we can go back there if and when we want to.

When that game began I literally said to the players, "These first games are a pilot.  If we like how the pilot goes, we'll renew for a first season and then go from there..."

This really helped everyone picture how the game ewas going to work.  Thinking of games as TV shows first came to me via the Buffy RPG and then was cemented with Primetime Adventures.

The game before that was a revenge story.  The ending was quite clear and it was again really great to have closure, to have a finite story.  We didn't know how it was going to end, only that it was going to come to a conclusion.

I think I have been at this gaming gig too long to start games that have an infinite scope, that don't have an end-point somewhere on the horizon.

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