thread: 2005-04-21 : Planned Endings

On 2005-04-21, Ninja Hunter J wrote:

I dunno about this, folks.

I played a game for years with, essentailly, one perpetual character who went from story to story. The character's arc was indefinite; the individual stories were not.

A lot of the game was about exploring, just making up a world and a cosmology. It was the best time I've ever had role-playing, including the last year or so playing with Vincent et al., which has been excellent.

There was a plot - a friend and I turned into monsters, and we caused a big enough row that not only did some sort of monster hunter start pounding the crap out of us, but FEMA quarantined the state.

But more important than that was all the cool shit we did. I made myself into tea, and I could possess others by injecting the tea into them. I stole a troop carrier and a 57 chevy. I made myself a new body out of art supplies. I got my ass whupped by an 8-year-old boy.

Some of the stuff, the GM planned. Most of it, he didn't, but we just jammed together. I remember the basement in which we played a lot less clearly than I remember the world of those games.

Had the story been banging down the door, we wouldn't have been able to do that. I'm all for focus and finale (I've sent a lot of characters to tragic deaths, let me tell you!) but the imaginary world you can really see vividly is a whole experience that transcends the TV metaphor.


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