thread: 2005-04-21 : Planned Endings

On 2005-04-22, Jasper McChesney wrote:

I wonder what role predeterminedness has, in allowing people to make use of all the good thing that have been mentioned, in connection with definite endings.

Frex, in Trials of the Grail, the end resolution comes at a more-or-less known point in time, after certain requirements have been met. And the players can more-or-less choose to win, choose to lose, or can let the dice and some last-minute thinking decide. I haven't seen enough people play to know which route is most commonly taken.

I guess I'm asking whether predetermination allows players to focus more on actually achieving good details of resolution—and not having to worry about how it goes because it's decided—or is crafting the resolution, during play, what makes it fulfilling?


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