thread: 2006-09-18 : Music blogging: Dog songs 1

On 2006-09-18, Julia wrote:

Many of the songs on Gillian Welsh's Hell Among the Yearlings always struck me as Dogs-ish.
I think I was at the concert you're talking about. Even Bea liked it, and she must have been about 4 at the time. I was sitting in the balcony, because it was [almost] sold out, so the volunteers got the proverbial nosebleed seats. Even still, it was a magical concert, and sitting up and far just made it a little surreal. Funny, I was thinking about that concert just last night.
I've learned something new about you, Vincent. I didn't know you liked murder ballads! My love for murder ballads, especially when they involve sibling incest, borders on obsession. (I have no siblings). The violence in a garden variety gangsta rap song is just plain boring compared to something like "Cruel Sister", "Sheath and Knife", "Banks of the Ohio", or "Pretty Polly" (my favorite murder ballad).
Yay! Murder Ballads!


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