thread: 2006-09-18 : Music blogging: Dog songs 1

On 2006-09-19, Twila wrote:

Oh lord, murder ballads. I have a whole special section on my iPod for murder ballads and other Child ballads. Mmmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm. And Dave Carter/Tracy Grammer—I love those two! I hadn't managed to see them while Dave was alive, alas, but I've seen Tracy both times she's been in town since, and oh. Oh oh oh oh oh. She did my absolute favorite (which consoled me no end when my son was going to Iraq)—"The Mountain". I love that Sumerian chant. I think of it as a Dogs song, just for that chant. Though I do agree that "41 Thunderer", "When I Go", and "Preston Miller" are damn fine Dogs songs.

Which version of "Edward" is it that's your favorite, Vincent?
I admit to an unholy enjoyment of Steeleye Span's version, although Old Blind Dogs do a wonderful one, too.

And I have to say that one of my favorite ballads (though I don't know if it counts as a murder ballad, since although there are two murders and one execution, only one is on-screen as it were) is "Famous Flower of Serving Men" in the Martin Carthy edition.  Do you know it? That would make a damn fine Dogs scenario in and of itself.


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