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On 2006-09-21, sammy wrote:

Hey! Sorry I'm a bit late...

I, uh, can't remember Elliot's last name, but it was definitely a different guy. Basically, he dropped out after his first year, which was a big bummer, because I liked him a lot.  Wanted to do theater lighting.

If you're into Elliot Smith, you may also want to look for Heatmiser, which was a band he was in briefly.  But thanks to this thread, I will now have an image of some random coroporate security guard, sitting in front of a giant bank of CCTV monitors, casually watching the oh-so-clever runners sneak around, all while "Pictures of Me" plays in the background.

The summer before he died, Dave & Tracy played a show in Philadelphia. If I remember right, Kate Rusby was also there.  I, however, was not. I regret it still.

Also - "Gentle Arms of Eden" was one of the songs I sang to Maya when she was still in her little NICU salad bar.  On the day he died, I listened to that song as I drove home and bawled.

Favorite Dave lyric: from the very end of the song "Tillman County," about the county on the Red River in Oklahoma:

Maybe old moses come and turn this current back
Cross me over ever holy and dry
Climb me a crooked oak, scar-faced, bible-black
Swing this shovel till it cracks the sky, I was

Raised on the river, washed in the blood
Blood run thickert han bottomland mud
And the wheel sinks deeper as the years spin 'round
Thirty bad summers in Tillman County.


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