thread: 2006-09-18 : Music blogging: Dog songs 1

On 2006-09-25, Curly wrote:

I had no idea, when I posted the above link, that there was an ongoing
thread about "Black Muslim" DitV, at The Forge.

I've been watching a lot of old rap videos on youtube lately, and thinking about the militancy and theology.

I almost posted this link—with The Teacher reciting the geneology of Shem, black Moses turning his 10 Commandments into DJ records and lots more:

But I chose the Public Enemy link instead, because its S1W troopers are such obvious Watchdog equivalents.

Or howabout the Rastafarian reggae movie Rockers—the entire film is on youtube!—with its holy men, righteous ghetto vigilantes, killer songs like "Stepping Razor" and "Police and Thieves" and even a documentary scene of a mass baptism:

Less dear to my heart is the 5 percenters ideology of Supreme Mathematics and their Supreme Alphabet. But I must admit their stuff read like some indie-rpg spell components or obscure game mechanics or something—and the 5% influenced countless rappers, such as the cartoonish Kung Fu of the Wu Tang Clan.

As you can see, my vision of Black Power DitV is a far cry from Syndey equating it with Nazi Germany.


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