2006-08-21 : GenCon 06 story 2

I'm running a Mechaton demo, whee! I've got three guys smashing mechs into each other, I'm just reffing. Someone comes up to me and introduces herself as Anna - "I made that Dogs in the Vineyard Flash animation?"

And I'm like, oh YEAH, awesome! I get up and shake her hand, I think I gush a bit. You all remember the Dogs Flash animation, right? It's here (or here for Internet Explorer) if you need a refresher.

She says she has a gift for me. I'm like, "a gift? Anna you already gave me the coolest thing ever." But no, she has a gift for me, and it's even cooler.

It doesn't fit in my scanner whole, so here are some excerpts.

It's awesome how much they look like little kids. Perfect.

His face is totally a Dogs face: "I'll shoot you, but please, please don't make me..."

And hers: "...and I won't miss."

I'm really touched. I'm standing there looking at this beautiful piece of art and ignoring my Mechaton players (it's okay, they've got the rules down, they finish the demo without me and trundle off to the cash register to buy the game). After a speechless little while I'm like, "so Anna, are you in the market for jobs that don't pay well?"

"I can't get enough of them," she says.

My only bummer is that one of you mugs is going to hire her before I do. I have a project with her name on it, but no way I can get to it before this time next year.

You can find her at

1. On 2006-08-22, Ben Lehman said:

Anna rocks.  Her Polaris fanart is the prettiest.


P.S.  I typed monkey.


2. On 2006-08-21, Kirk said:

That is awesome! And I swear, the guy looks almost exactly like my friend Nic. It amuses me to think of Nic as a Dog. Maybe a hard-rocking, hard-drinking pot-smoking Dog.


3. On 2006-08-22, wundergeek said:

Vincent, my favorite GenCon moment was meeting you and the two of us completely *geeking out* at each other. That was awesome beyond words. Completely and totally awesome.

...okay, just as good was talking to Ben Lehman for a full five minutes before we both figured out who we were actually talking to. That was pretty nifty too.


P.S. After playing a demo with Clinton Nixon, I can't stop saying awesome... Help!


4. On 2006-08-22, Meguey said:

Yeah, Clinton's awesome like that. It'll wear off in a couple months. Unless you're lucky enough to hang out with him again, which would be awesome for you.


5. On 2006-08-22, Matt Wilson said:

That's exceptionally good artwork. I am full of jeal.


6. On 2006-08-22, Vincent said:

As well you oughta.

Hey Anna, how do you feel about black and white pen and ink?


7. On 2006-08-22, wundergeek said:

Ink isn't what I'd reach for first if I was doing black and white work for myself (I'm terminally addicted to Prismacolor pencils), but it makes for a fun challenge. Although when using ink, I tend to use teeny tiny brushes because I have never successfully gotten pens not to hate me.


8. On 2006-08-22, ironick said:

Anna, I'm so proud!  And jealous!  And sad because I miss our Dogs game that generated such awesome stuff.  But mostly proud!



9. On 2006-08-22, FruitSmack! said:

Chalk me up as proud, too!  Not that Vincent's (and Ben's for Polaris) wonderful games wern't to blame for our many hours of wonderful play, but actually having someone that was sketching up stuff from the game was like very cool icing on a very kick ass cake.

Much of her art work has influenced how I think about certain games in my mind forever more.  I simply cannot think about Dogs, Otherkind, or Polaris now without thinking of some of the things Anna drew.



10. On 2006-08-22, Vincent said:

Hey, Nick, Aaron, were you there with Anna? If so, I have to admit I've been thinking of you as "Anna and her people." I guess somehow I didn't get to really meet you, even though I saw you all over the place.


11. On 2006-08-22, FruitSmack! said:

I was there.  Nick unfortunatly couldn't make GenCon this year.  We had 4 of our group at GenCon this year and much fun was had by all.  Travis and I got a demo of Mechaton in and the 4 of us descended upon Tim Koppang for a demo of Hero's Banner.  I think we suprised him a bit when we took what was supposed to be a demo and embraced it like a full on game session by cranking the enjoyment up to 11.

S'ok. Anna deserves the praise for her artwork.  She's talented so we're all about talking her up.  Speaking of, if anyone ever needs elves or elf-like creatures in artwork, she's the one you go to.  ;P



12. On 2006-08-22, ironick said:

Yeah, finances reared their ugly head once more and kept me from attending yet again.  Hopefully next year will be different and I can meet you in person (again), but this time having actually played your games and all.



13. On 2006-08-22, Guy Shalev said:

I want to see the Polaris art! :)


14. On 2006-08-23, wundergeek said:

Aaron played a demo of Mechoton with you, Vincent. So I'm fairly sure that you met him. ^_-


15. On 2006-08-23, wundergeek said:

Nick: We missed you!! Bacon just wasn't complete without you.

Aaron: I don't have a problem, I can stop drawing elves any time I want! Really! Honest!


16. On 2006-08-23, Vincent said:

I'm ashamed. Aaron, next time, say "you know, ANNA's Aaron." And I'll be like, "oh awesome! Anna's Aaron, of course!"

...Or I dunno what. Either way I beg your indulgence.


17. On 2006-08-23, FruitSmack! said:

S'ok, you're a busy guy.

Although I wouldn't use the term "Anna's Aaron".  I wouldn't want the Great Beast from the Northern Wastes (aka her husband Kit) to flay me alive with his Canadian Rage.



18. On 2006-08-23, ironick said:

I just got a mental image of Kit as the Ol' Canucklehead himself and I nearly peed my pants.  Nearly, but I didn't, because that's what Kit *wants*.


19. On 2006-08-23, Seth Ben-Ezra said:

I second seeing the Polaris art!  For whatever that's worth.


20. On 2006-08-24, FruitSmack! said:

I third it, and hell, I've seen it before.



21. On 2006-08-24, Ben Lehman said:

Whether or not it is shown in public is totally up to Anna.



22. On 2006-08-24, wundergeek said:

I'm in the process of redoing my website since my old one was totally inadequate. If you check over at in two days, the new site should be up along with Polaris art goodness.

...yes, I'm insane enough to do an entire website in two days. *sigh*


23. On 2006-08-24, ironick said:

Anna or Vincent, is there a way to see the whole of the Dogs piece as well?  I know Vincent said it was too large to scan here, but perhaps Anna will have a copy on her site?  Please?


24. On 2006-08-24, wundergeek said:

Check my website. I'm still beating parts of it into shape, but the important bits (the art) are up.


25. On 2006-08-24, Vincent said:

For those of us too lazy to scroll up, that'd be browser beware.


26. On 2006-08-24, ironick said:

W00t!1! or whatever the hell that is!!

Anna, I don't think I've ever gotten to see so much of your drawing stuff before, and I'm even more impressed than I was.  The Polaris arts is badass and makes me sad I moved before I got to play it.  And your dragon officially Rawks the Casbah!



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