2008-01-02 : In this wicked age...

...Gods, demons and mortals contend with one another for power...
...Law and civilization are new, and no one is their master...
...A simple midwife can set in motion the downfall of tyrants and great empires...
...Your birth is not yours to choose, but your fate is what you make it.

In a Wicked Age
sword & sorcery roleplaying

Now accepting preorders.

(Confidential to John H, Tony D, Clinton N: your money's no good here.)

1. On 2008-01-02, Ben Lehman said:



2. On 2008-01-02, Remi said:

I am really excited about this. Congratulations!


3. On 2008-01-02, TonyD said:



4. On 2008-01-02, John Harper said:

Thanks! I can't wait!


5. On 2008-01-02, Guy Shalev said:

What about international shipping?


6. On 2008-01-02, Anders Sveen said:

This just made my year.


7. On 2008-01-02, Peter Dyring-Olsen said:

This is so cool! I have already preordered it. I cannot wait to see, what you've done with it!


8. On 2008-01-02, Meguey said:

Watching this come together was cool. Congrats, love.


9. On 2008-01-02, Julia said:

Yay! Congratulations!


10. On 2008-01-02, Vincent said:

Guy, you're conscientious, thank you.


11. On 2008-01-02, TomR said:

Congratulations!  Looking forward to checking it out.


12. On 2008-01-02, Vincent said:

Tom, are you coming to Dreamation this year?


13. On 2008-01-02, Guy Shalev said:

I take it as "You may order".

If not, just don't cash my money and leave me a note on how much to leave, heh.


14. On 2008-01-02, Guy Shalev said:

Edit, just noticed you added the international shipping order, cool beans :)


15. On 2008-01-02, Yoki said:

Very excited, ordered it the moment I saw this post. Can't wait to read and play it.


16. On 2008-01-02, Marhault said:



17. On 2008-01-03, Meserach said:

Hurrah for international shipping options. Pre-ordered!


18. On 2008-01-04, Ludanto said:



19. On 2008-01-04, Tom said:

Vincent—I am strongly, strongly considering going to Dreamation this year.  I'll get in touch with you or Emily over this weekend.


20. On 2008-01-04, wundergeek said:

I can't wait to get my copy! Yays!


21. On 2008-01-06, Uriel said:

Please, take my money and give me joy! *preordering from sleazy internet cafe in Hue, Vietnam*

btw I listened to your creation stories from S.o.K the other night on the plane. Very nice, especially the bit about Mechaton.


22. On 2008-01-08, Uriel said:

&*&%$# paypal won't recognize me as me here in Nam, so save a copy for me!


23. On 2008-01-08, chris_moore said:

"Sometimes I lay awake at night wishing I were playing this game."

-Chris Moore

My order's in!


24. On 2008-01-11, Michael Curry said:

Pre-ordered!  Hurray!  I'm really looking forward to both reading and playing it.


25. On 2008-01-12, Christopher Moore said:

Is it Saturday, yet?!


26. On 2008-01-12, Ludanto said:

Yes!  (And IaWA is pretty awesome, as expected).


27. On 2008-01-12, Meserach said:

Hiya Vincent,

First up, the game looks great, and with any luck I'll be playing it tonight on IRC.

Where should we best direct rules questions? I know you're here, on I would Knife Fight a Man, and you have a forum over at the Forge, but where would you prefer such things be put for this game in particular?

(My question was regarding particular strengths. When the significance of a particular strength is increased by a player when re-using a character, does it's significance increase for everyone who uses it? I assume the answer is yes.

Furthermore, I assume you can't add Unique to a strength if another character is using it unless you've already played a chapter which left only one character still possessing said strength.)


28. On 2008-01-12, Vincent said:

My preference for rules questions is here or at the Forge, thanks for asking!

The answer is no, generally. You increase the significance of only your own character's particular strength. Generally, this means that, like, now you're a level 2 exorcist or whatever.

The exception would be times when OBVIOUSLY you increase it for everybody. I can't think of an example offhand, but I imagine there are some.


29. On 2008-01-12, Meserach said:

Thanks for the super fast response!

Ok, interesting, that's the opposite of what I had thought, which I guess explains why I felt confused about it.

Mechanically, then, there's no real effect to sharing the same particular strength, as you share them in name only?

That is, for somebody swordsmanship might be broad and consequential, whereas for another it might be doubly potent and far-reaching?

If I create a new character and choose to have a strength that's already in play, which version of it, so to speak, do I get? Or do I get a significance 1 version?


30. On 2008-01-12, Vincent said:

You get a significance 1 version, unless it's chapter 3 or later, in which case you can have a significance 2 version.

Having the same particular strength only matters if it's one where OBVIOUSLY everyone's becomes more significant at the same time. Swordsmanship, though, you're exactly right. (Swordsmanship far-reaching? Hmm...)

There's a certain cognitive load-sharing when people have the same particular strengths, where it's easier than coming up with utterly new ones all the time.


31. On 2008-01-12, Meserach said:

Thanks for all the super-fast answers!

I'm right in thinking that the consequences of a conflict could never lead to a increase in the significance of a strength, yes? Even if it was a shared one?


32. On 2008-01-13, Meserach said:

Hello again,

Shreyas, Char, Elizabeth, Graham, Liam and I are all playing right now on IRC. :)

Rules question: it doesn't seem like it is from the text, but is it possible to change the dice you're using mid-conflict? Like, you start out acting "with violence for others", can you switch up in round two to acting "directly with love"?

Additionally, is it possible to introduce your strength mid-conflict?


33. On 2008-01-13, Meserach said:

We just got done playing. Although we didn't finish out the chapter, and we had some issues where I wasn't explaining the rules properly, and players kept having to drop in and out, it went pretty well.

The game copes just fine with players dropping in and out, in fact. Even latecomers can always either take over an NPC (changing all their stats) or take up an unused character-concept. Players who drop out just aren't in scenes until they come back, which is fine as there's usually enough plot threads for something to keep going provided you still have some players left.

Also - the suggested advice for running parallel scenes adapts well to IRC, where you can run them literally in seperate windows.

All in all, I enjoyed running it, and will continue to run the game on the IRC channel (#indierpgs over on MagicStar, for those interested).

I will have a log up of the scenes we completed shortly. I'll post it here.


34. On 2008-01-13, Meserach said:

Log here

Scroll down for the actual text of play - the stuff above was the oracles and chargen.

Vincent, if you;re interested in it, I could log of the Out of character chatter as well, although it would be difficult to relate it directly to the in character stuff as it will lack timestamps.

Sorry for posting so many comments in a row.


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