2008-01-03 : Remember Dog Songs? This is 5

I said once that I wouldn't write about Cordelia's Dad until I'd seen them live. I did, last spring at their 20th anniversary at the Iron Horse, and I still didn't write about them. The reason: my copy of The 1999 Western Massachusetts Sacred Harp Convention CD has gone missing. What on earth would I say about Cordelia's Dad and Dogs in the Vineyard without posting illegal Sacred Harp mp3s?

Well, how about this. I found it just five minutes ago: Tim Eriksen sings "Amazing Grace" Western Mass style, on YouTube.

Go listen.

Odds are good I've been where he's standing. It looks like Mt. Pollux in Amherst, doesn't it?

I'm still not going to write about Cordelia's Dad live, I guess. Except maybe just this: when they finished their acoustic set and launched into their electric, they lost half their audience, which made the rest of us laugh a little. Northampton. Then when they fuckin' tore into "Siúil A Rúin," it reminded me that we're living in wartime.

1. On 2008-01-03, Vincent said:

In case you're looking for them:

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2. On 2008-01-03, Meguey said:

And that's why I want to learn to play a banjo.


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