2005-04-19 : The Open House, part 3: A Wishlist

If you could change something about your roleplaying, what would it be?

I have two:

I'd play more often.

I'd be more comfortable with in-game sex.

1. On 2005-04-19, ScottM said:

My play would be more varied
Characterization would be in the foreground
I would be consistantly enthusiastic about upcoming game sessions


2. On 2005-04-19, Chris said:

I'll echo Vincent and also say:
-I'd get more descriptive and energetic
-I'd have cool voices and faces to pull out of my rabbit hat


3. On 2005-04-19, xenopulse said:

Yeah, playing more often would be cool.

I'd love to have a face-to-face group I am 100% comfortable with, like the life-long friends I left behind in Germany. That would really solve most of my wishes directly or indirectly.

- Christian


4. On 2005-04-19, Meguey said:

I'd get to play earlier in the evening.
I'd have a weekly game, an every-two-weeks game, and a monthly game.
My gaming friends would all live in the same state.
I'd play more fully-imersed more of the time.


5. On 2005-04-19, Ben Lehman said:

I'd have a constant group.

That's pretty much it.  I'm wildly happy about my gaming these days.


6. On 2005-04-19, Chris Goodwin said:

I'd have more of it.

I'd have more time to spend preparing for games and reading rulebooks and thinking about characters and situations and putting pen to paper and dice to table.

I'd play more often.  I'd be happy to have a monthly game as opposed to, on average, once a year.

(Man, I envy some of you.  I hear about people who have jobs and spouses and spouses with jobs and kids and I wonder "How do they do it?  Meguey, Vincent, where do you and your group find the time to do all of the gaming you do?)


7. On 2005-04-19, Matthijs said:

I'd relax more and just have fun instead of being such a theory-hungry ****.
I'd do much more prep work on my main campaign.
I'd have a biweekly experimental gaming group that tried out something new each time.
I'd get paid enough for game design that I could live off it.


8. On 2005-04-19, Weeks said:

I'd figure out how to get really meaty games out of my ten year old.

The others at the table would be more comfortable with in-game sex.

I'd convince my old F2F and then webRPG group that these indie games are actually cool.


9. On 2005-04-19, Matt Snyder said:

I'd get my group to be much more interested and more proactive about in Story Now.


10. On 2005-04-19, ethan_greer said:



11. On 2005-04-19, Judd said:

When I played I'd always be able to play for an 8-12 hour slot.  I love long days of gaming.

My perfect gaming schedule consists of the occasional quarterly games when friends come from out of town to visit or we meet somewhere central, like NYC along with two games a week, one in which I am playing and another in which I am running.

I'd love to have a night of gaming for the zany ideas I get, just able to play them as they come.


12. On 2005-04-19, Victor Gijsbers said:

Our play would be more focused on the actual playing; we would not chatter away half the evening.

I would play with more different people.

I would improve a lot as narrativist GM.


13. On 2005-04-19, Clinton Roosevelt Nixon said:

I'd play some HeroQuest. And it'd be all about cultural imperialism and the true ethics of terrorism and loaded down with mythic awesomeness.

I'd be more comfortable running the games I want instead of trying to please everyone at the table.

I'd play more often.

I'd play with more ladies.


14. On 2005-04-19, Emily Care said:

I'd do more of what I'm doing now, with more sleep to back it up.

I'd not feel so scared sh*tless every time I start a new game or new character.

I'd play lots of games I think I'll like that I haven't gotten to play yet.

I'd play more often with my friends who "aren't gamers".


15. On 2005-04-19, Tony Pace said:


16. On 2005-04-19, Tony Pace said:

I'd be able to convince the gang to try new games.

I'd like be able to do voices and all that.

The gaming wouldn't cause any tension with my wife. And then maybe I could play more.


17. On 2005-04-19, Sydney Freedberg said:

I'd play WITH my wife.

I'd play a bunch of different games, tapas style, in small morsels. N.B.: The "hey all Forge-ites in DC let's get together" group is actually doing this—so, a model to copy for those in dense urban areas?

I'd be able to do wicked keen accents.


18. On 2005-04-19, Matt Wilson said:

I'd be able to play more often, like probably two times a week.

I'd play with whole different groups of people on the different nights/days that I played.

More games on my shelf would see use.


19. On 2005-04-19, Meguey said:

(I know it's sideways to topic, but I'll answer Chris's question anyway - "How do they do it? Meguey, Vincent, where do you and your group find the time to do all of the gaming you do?")

We make gaming with friends a top social priority.

We game with Emily about once a week, sometimes less due to work or illness. It helps tons that we've both been gaming with her since before we had kids.

We game with Joshua and Carrie once a month when they come up from CT, usually a Saturday night.

We talk (well, Vincent talks, I listen and give feed-back) about games fairly often.

Sometimes we play with our kids (Universalis, The Night-time Animals Save the World, and Seb wants to play Capes)

How this parent who games manages: Wait until the kids are asleep. Be content with 3-5 hour sessions max. Sqeaze in bits of game talk at odd moments when the three of us are together and the kids are playing.

I think a relevant point might be that we don't have a TV, as such. We have VCR and DVD players and a TV, but we don't get any TV shows we don't rent, so that may clear up some time. Of course, to counter that, we have two computers and we spend far too much time on-line ;)


20. On 2005-04-20, Jasper Polane said:

I'd play longer sessions. Right now, we play for 1-3 hours, and it's too short.



21. On 2005-04-20, Dave Ramsden said:

I'd be better at not trying to ramrod my ideas over other people's.
I'd be more comfortable playing characters who are either closer or farther from myself; my comfort zone is too limited and I unconsciously return to it when I deviate.
I'd be less afraid of having characters with significant emotional committments that I don't sympathize with.


22. On 2005-04-20, anon. said:

I'd play more.

There'd be more story-propelling play from everyone in my group, less 'sitting-back play'.

I'd figure out the balance between player goals in expressing story and wanting opposition.

More actual play, less idle chatter, better rested players (this is a big 'mistake' from my last games), more play to see if something'll be fun and less talk about what might be fun.


23. On 2005-04-20, Kaare said:

My biggest wish is more play time on a regular basis. I'd love to play once a week, or failing that twice a month.

Even more focused play when we play.


24. On 2005-04-20, Per said:

Get my wife back into roleplaying
Play more face-to-face and regularly
Be better to explain Story Now
Play with non-gamers


25. On 2005-04-20, Council Member Coyote said:

I would play more often.
Have the ocassional longer than 4-5 hour session. (I miss the 65 hour benders)
Get it so my lady could actually play in the campiagn I started for her. (dang work schedules).
Get the other GMs in my group to be lesseed stress about "knowing" rules and being able to keep up.
Get the campaigns that are suppose to meet once a year at least, to meet at least once a year.


26. On 2005-04-20, Ben Lehman said:

I found my second thing.

I'd have a more stable group.
+I'd be making a living on it.

This is more plausible than I'd guess.



27. On 2005-04-20, kreg said:

oh man...good one:

* I'd somehow be able, at thirty-something, to still pull those all-nighters from my childhood with a killer gaming group, 2 or 3 pizzas and a few liters of soda and an obscene amount of chocolate, all the while enjoying an excellent gamin experience.

and the more likely and realistic thing i'd change (and i think i'm echoing Victor above..)

* I'd not let the group spend half the time talking about completely unrelated events from past gaming sessions, what new console game they're playing, or other off-topic and non-productive crap that always trickles into any current session.



28. On 2005-04-20, Tom said:

I'd play something other than the rogue-ish wiseass—and hold to that characterization in-game better.

I'd play a better variety of games (I love me my d20, but I'm dyin' to do some more indie stuff).

I'd run a few things.


29. On 2005-04-20, Paul Tevis said:

I'd have all of my players involved all the time.


30. On 2005-04-21, Brendan Adkins said:

I'd actually play sometimes instead of GMing every.  Single.  Game.

I'd actually write up my proto-Confucianistic setting for Dogs instead of just letting it rattle around my head.  And get my friends to explore it with me.


31. On 2005-04-21, Ginger Stampley said:

I'd play more FTF, and with some new people.
I'd play Dogs instead of GMing.
I'd try more new systems.
I'd worry less about the social dynamics of the group (less of an issue with FTF people than with PBeM).


32. On 2005-04-26, Lee Short said:

I'd have time to play all the new games I want to play, AND have time to keep playing my current games.

I'd be better about "getting into character" _quickly_.  A crucial ability for GMing.

I'd stop playing with players who are just along for the ride [New Year's resolution, that one].

I'd be able to keep in-character accents consistent from conversation to conversation.


33. On 2005-05-09, Emily Care said:

Quick report: This weekend I made inroads on fulfilling at least one of my wishes.

I wrote:

I'd play more often with my friends who "aren't gamers".

One of my "non-gamer" housemates helped playtest Ninja J's Under the Bed.  'Twas cool. She rocked. The game rocked too.

Now to work on the other three.


34. On 2005-05-12, Jeff Z said:

I'd dragoon more people into trying roleplay. Except for my wife, who's suffered enough. I'd keep dreaming that impossible dream.

I'd, er, not smoke so much?


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