2008-11-11 : the Indie Rpgs Un-store

Here's a cool thing I'm making: the indie rpgs un-store

Here's the Forge thread formally announcing it: Announcing: the Indie Rpgs Un-store

Coincidentally, the un-store is where you go now if you want to buy my games.

1. On 2008-11-11, David Artman said:

Looking good, and an interesting "aggregater" concept.

One quibble, though—why does the "home' page have the product on the right, then the "game" pages has it on the left? It's generally considered poor web design to have a navigation system (toolbar of icons, in this case) bounce around the page as one goes from link to link. And as there's nothing on the "home" page that can't be adjusted to work like a game page (ex: arrows pointing right can point left just as easily), you should be able to make the site consistent with minimal rework.

Just a bit of advice; hope it helps.


2. On 2008-11-11, Vincent said:

Hm. Let me think about that. Hm.


3. On 2008-11-11, GB Steve said:

Looks pretty neat.

I noticed a couple of things:
- The link from the store to the poison'd page here doesn't work (
- the link that from shock:sheets to Joshua's stuff is missing(http://)
- I don't think it's my end but it does seem to be running a bit slowly at the moment.


4. On 2008-11-11, Vincent said:

Thanks, Steve!


5. On 2008-11-12, Joshua A.C. Newman said:

Yeah, that missing link is because I don't have a page for the Shock:Sheets. I guess I could make it link to the Shock: page, and I should write something about the Shock:Sheets there, as well.


6. On 2008-11-12, Valamir said:

Should the thumb nails on the games page line up across from the publisher and hyperlink list?

They don't on my screen and I found that to be a rather confusing jumble...but I'm viewing it through a Java disabled browser, so it may just be me.


7. On 2008-11-12, Vincent said:

Confusing jumble is the plan.

Actually I'm going to add publisher tags to de-confuse the jumble, those'll come soon. Meanwhile, no, they aren't supposed to line up with the publisher list on the left, you're not having a technical problem.


8. On 2008-11-12, valamir said:

"Plan" as in thought about decision?

What's the thought there?


9. On 2008-11-12, Vincent said:

"Plan" as in, not a technical problem.

The real plan is, publisher tags to make it not (as) confusing, and a variety of different indexes on the left.


10. On 2008-11-13, Matt Wilson said:

I remember wanting IPR to be exactly this once upon a time.


11. On 2008-11-13, Vincent said:

We used to talk about making this very thing, back in the olden days at the Forge. It's satisfying to finally realize the idea.


12. On 2008-11-14, Ron Edwards said:

Another nifty thing about that is the artist mash-up that John Hodgson just organized. Clinton and used to talk about hosting something a lot like that at the Forge too. So all of this is definitely a true-dream thing, this month.


13. On 2008-11-14, Joshua A.C. Newman said:

Hey, Ron, link me up!


14. On 2008-11-14, Gregor said:

They are the fine artists at the IlloDeli:

I got some art from there for something that Eppy and I are working on. Piece of cake.


15. On 2008-11-25, Eric Provost said:

I think it'd be nice if each creator were to have a little note on their page telling their potential customers how long one could expect to wait to recieve their purchase.

That is, if I drop some money in your bucket, how long should I wait to hear from you before I gently poke you with a stick?


16. On 2008-11-28, Vincent said:

That was the gentlest poking with a stick I've ever received.


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