2008-12-18 : To-do List Update

Back at the end of August I gave myself a to-do list. Let's see what's what!

1. This other thing: DONE. That being Independently Fulfilling and the un-store. It's humming along nicely.

2. Outstanding business decisions & followup: mostly DONE. I believe I let an opportunity or two slip between my fingers, maybe I can follow up on them this winter.

3. Storming the Wizard's Tower playtest document: DONE.

4. Some kind of serious Mechaton plan: DONE. This is a back-room-here-at-the-lumpley-games-home-office kind of thing, but look for public developments in January.

5. Playtest document for [choose one], prototypes for [choose as many as apply]: technically I still have a week on this one, but that's not going to matter. NOT DONE.

Instead I developed the playtest document from #3 into a full-fledged manuscript. You can go check it out if you want: Storming the Wizard's Tower

It has been one productive and fulfilling Autumn. I'm a happy, satisfied, exhausted game designer.

1. On 2008-12-19, Gregor said:

Oh, PDF grabbed!

You've done a lot in the past few months, Vincent. Congratulations on getting through so much!


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