2009-01-12 : Dunesque Mechaton Campaign battle 1 setup

Dunesque Mechaton Campaign

Okay, J, you're still on the dealer's left, so you set up the first battle for us. I know you're excited about the space ships but for the sake of Mechatonosity let's go with a mech battle for this first one, if that's cool with you.

Here's what we need:

1. Where is it on the map?
1a. What kind of terrain will be on the battlefield?

2. What's the special station?
2a. Which of the 3 campaign objectives does the special station represent?

3. Are there any special limits to our armies?
As you recall, you have to leave us the ability to make legal armies. Let's say also that you can't limit us to fewer than 3 attachments per mech. Otherwise, it's all yours.

I figure that when we have our building party at Rob's, it'll be very good to know what the army limits are for the first battle.

1. On 2009-01-12, Vincent said:

Speaking of our building party at Rob's, let's shoot for next Monday, a week from today. I expect all my outstanding Bricklink orders to show up by then. (I bet one's waiting for me at home right now!)


2. On 2009-01-12, Robert Bohl said:

You got a deal!


3. On 2009-01-13, Greg said:

Post pics of your mecha when you're done.  I lurves me some Mechaton builds.


4. On 2009-01-13, Joshua A.C. Newman said:

I'm not back until Thursday the 22nd, so not until then!

I'll think about these, and I'll also think about how your request for a space battle coincides with your possession of only one space ship.

I have pics to post! I have to twiddle them, though. Soon!


5. On 2009-01-13, Robert Bohl said:

I want a battle where you have to fight only with robots, for the record.


6. On 2009-01-13, Joshua A.C. Newman said:

That's just because you fear the long bone knives that will be piercing between the plates of your chitinous armor, splashing the ground with the vile ichor that passes for blood among your kind, all your villainous desecration of humanity given lie by simple women with a drive to love.

You can see some of the Sisterhood of Taw's forces over on xenoglyph.


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