2009-02-13 : Mechatonic is rocking my world


Strategy guides, pictures of mech designs, campaign and battle reports. If you're interested in Mechaton even a little, it's a place to be.

1. On 2009-02-15, Malcolm said:

Glad it's proving useful/interesting. We're hoping to post pretty regularly there, at least once every two days, to keep it chugging along.



2. On 2009-02-23, Mantisking said:

I think it's an excellent site.  I've enjoyed the strategy guides and some of the pictures of mech designs.  I'm looking forward to more content.


3. On 2009-02-25, battlebrik said:

Whoa!  Loving the game!  Been awhile since I've felt this and my boys are building every night.

Loving Mechatonic too.

Threw together a blog as well...see how long it lasts...

Also, for my own sanity I culled q's & a's from various posts into a mini-faq.  See it here:


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